Antibiotic Drugs For Cancer Treatment

An antibiotic is a chemical made by a microbe that antagonizes the growth of other cells,  While classical antibiotics like penicillin attack other microbes, the chemotherapy medicines that are called antibiotics interfere with the DNA and its replication.  In this they are like many chemotherapy medicines. The origins of the antibiotics are microorganisms (bacteria or fungi) but once they get discovered as effective drugs, their chemical structure is elucidated and they are made by chemical synthesis without biotechnology.

Antibiotic medicines kill malignant cells by fragmenting the DNA in the cell nucleus and by oxidizing critical compounds the cells need.   They are not cell-cycle specific. Antibiotics are used against leukemia, testicular cancer, and sarcomas.

Mitoxantrone is both an antibiotic and a topoisomerase II inhibitor



Brand/Trade Names: Act-D, Cosmegen, Dactinomycin

Formula: C62H86N12O16


Class: Polypeptide Antibiotic

Administration: Intraveneous

Notes: First antibiotic used against cancer.


Brand/Trade Names: Blenoxanen

Formula: C55H84N17O21S3


Class: Glycopeptide Antibiotic

Administration: Intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular



Brand/Trade Names: Mutamycin, MTC

Formula: C15H18N4O5


Class: Antibiotic

Administration: Intravenous

Notes: First discovered as a product of bacteria.<

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